Recommended Image Libraries

    Finding the right image for your PowerPoint presentation can be a daunting task. Doing a
  simple image search doesn't always guarantee the best results if you aren't using the proper
   keywords. Hopefully the sources we list here can help you narrow and refine your search in
  finding the right graphics. Whether it's a photograph, illustration, painting or cartoon!

  Photographs: Getty Images - Offers photos, film & digital image content
                        Corbis - Offering an archive of phographs and royalty free content in various platforms
                        Index Stock Imagery - Highly recommended site. Lots of quality content
                        VIP Photo Agency - Probably one of the most unique sources out there - a must-see
                        The Free Site - A site offering free imagery . . . takes time to browse but reliable links elsewhere
                        StockVault - Unique image sharing site with loads of imagery to consider
                        Comstock - Very large stock photo archive
  Clip Art:         FreeClipArt - Requires you download a "file download window" giving you access to a big archive
                        Dover Publications Clip Art - Requires an email sign up to access their catalog
               - Offers 6 million downloadable images but requires a paid subscription
               - Very extensive archived collection containing multitudes of different images
                        ClipArtConnection - Visiting all of the samples available makes it hard to decide
                        Barry's Clip Art Server - Offers alot of animated imagery and static clips etc.
                        Classroom Clip Art - Source of free clip art & illustrations
 Cartoons: - Probably the best gag panel cartoon archive online, with over 3000+ cartoons
               - Offers work exclusively by cartoonist Bob Zahn with some excellent images

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